Burning Bridges

If you read my last post, you have a little understanding of my absence from blogging. The last two years have been super difficult, but I am here and much stronger. Because I am feeling back to ‘normal’ as I mentioned in my last post, I have really been reflecting on my teaching. One conclusion that I am coming to is that I am burning bridges with all my questions and requests. I, in my opinion, was being overwhelming. I got into the habit of asking for help because I was drowning in my personal life that I was forgetting to think about those who were helping me. I needed to realize that the world didn’t revolve around me and just like me, everyone else had (and has) a family, teaching responsibilities, and a life to worry about. By no means, was anyone being mean or telling me that I was too much, but I knew that I was too much. The point of this blog post is to say thank you to a few teachers who have literally saved my teaching career in the last two years and continue to do so. The first person for which I am beyond grateful and, I must have done something write to call her my friend, Natalia Delaat . Thank you for all that you do and have done for me. Two others to whom I want to say thank you are: Meredith White and Amy Lenord . Thank you for answering my million questions and offering to provide samples of your work on your different platforms.  There are so many that offer their resources and I could go on, but these three incredible women deserve a lot more than my thank you and a blog post, but besides Natalia, I don’t live close enough to give each of them a hug. I appreciate all that you do. THANK YOU!

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