Choose your own ending- fue & dio

Martina Bex– you are awesome! I logged onto Facebook this morning and saw that you shared my post on fue and dio which made me super happy and helped me realize that I never gave an update on this lesson. I used that lesson with my last year level 3 classes. Since those two classes were very different in regards to personalities and motivation levels, the follow-up activity was slightly different for the two.

Martina Bex had created a choose your own ending in her El Secreto unit so  I decided to do the same with this lesson.  I will say that the task of creating a ‘choose your ending’ is time consuming, but so worth it. My first class found it very interesting and they wanted to go through all the possible choices together, so as a class we went through at least two choice endings and then I passed out booklets (Click here to see the booklet). The booklets contained the same Powerpoint that we looked in class, but the physical copy allowed students to read at their own pace as well as choose their own endings. At the end of the class period, we discussed the different endings and which endings students liked the best.

With my second class, they needed a little bit more guidance. We started class out the same. We did a choice ending together and then I handed out the booklets. Students were not as interested in the story as much as the first class so I had the students draw a storyboard for the story or ending they liked the best. This kept them focused a little bit more. The next day we used the storyboard as a warm up speaking activity.

Looking back on the activity, I think I would like to extend a bit more with the first story as well as with the ‘choose your own ending’ activity. I am no longer teaching the level in which I would use this activity, but I may alter it to fit my lower level classes.  Has anyone ever used a ‘choose your own ending’? What are your opinions?







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