Writing Stories Can Be A Fairy Tale- Went and Give

I love writing stories for my classes and I often joke that I can come up with a Spanish story easier than I can come up with one in English.  After learning to focus on structures rather than a vocab list, I have found that it is easy to create a storyline.

This week with my Spanish 3 classes, I have been focusing on the structures FUE A (went to) and DIO (gave). After talking with Natalia DeLaat, an amazing French teacher and friend, she gave me the idea to use a fairy tale themed story.  Her idea included a few different princes; each went somewhere for a special gift and each prince gave a different gift to the princess. From there, the story took off.   In one of my posts, I talked about giving up control and allowing my students to experience the past tense in context without isolating the preterite and the imperfect. Although my focus is on the structures WENT TO and GAVE, my students got to also experience words like ERA (was) and ESTABA (was) in context. Without a flinch, my students knew exactly what was being said and easily used the two correctly.  My favorite thing about using stories is that although we do have a focus, students pick up on so much more.

This is the first time that I am attaching any of my work to my blog. I am a little nervous because it’s not just my students who might be reading my work anymore. I hope that someone can use it and I also hope that I will get feedback on my work.  I have attached the story HERE. Hope you like it!

From there, I saw a post by Cynthia Hitz about the AWESOME website PICTOTRADUCTOR which sadly is only for Spanish. For some reading practice, I created a sheet with the picto-frases from the story and just like Cynthia, I gave some examples and then had them get to work.  A few comments that I got from students were:

This is challenging because I have to think in Spanish. J

OHHHHH- I get why they used that picture for the word “en”

The end of the story really ends as a cliffhanger. The princes all come back to see who she chooses and all she says is  ‘I have my answer.” I did not finish the story because I want my students to choose their own ending when we get to that part.  I cannot wait to see where my students take the ending, but that may have to be another post.  ENJOY!

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